29 March 2010

Jesus Financially Cared For by Women

Luke 8:1-3

Paid ministry is always a touchy subject.  Are those professional ministers motivated by calling or by paycheck?  By other's needs or their own needs?

Jesus was teaching and healing.  He had twelve disciples who were learning to do the same.  How were they able to be fed, clothed and sheltered as they went from town to town?  By women who had been personally affected by Jesus and wanted to make sure he had the opportunity to do the same for others.

 It's a beautiful picture of how Christian ministry should work.  There are two sides to the equationthe minister and those who ensure the minister's needs are met.

All good ministers work for God.  It is he who calls them, gives them the gifts and directs them in meeting the needs of his people.  All good ministers are motivated by their love of God and their love of people. All good ministers would do the job whether they are paid or not.

The beauty about being a Christian is there is not one Christian who has not been served in one way or another.  And we are reminded of the grace of our Father in heaven and the one he sent every time we see someone with the calling, the passion and the ability to help others the way we have been helped.  We so appreciate how they are able to serve our neighbours in the name of Jesus, we want to ensure they are held back by nothing in order to serve as God has called them to.

A worker is worth their wages.  And this is no different for those who are full-time workers in the name of Jesus.  How much should they be paid?  Enough that they can do the job without having to worry about their own needs. 

As Jesus served others, the ones he served served him.


  1. The minister where I attend gets his sermons off the internet for $2.00 each. I caught him, elders put up with it. he'll answer for it one day. I like this blog and will follow it.

  2. We have an excellent Pastor. He has been our Shepherd for over 15 years. God has blessed us with his service. May God bless you.

  3. I have been away from my computer on a wonderful trip. I will be back to post regular on Monday.

    Thank you both for your kind comments.

    Convitkepr1 - What makes it worse from preachers who plagiarize is because those sermons aren't from their heart, they usually sound dry and consequently do not penetrate the minds of the congregation. One might as well sit down and read a book to the listeners. But I will say there is hardly anyone who has truly original material. After all, all of us teachers of the Word should be basing our teachings from scriptures and allowing the Holy Spirit to put our own personal spin as it relates to those a particular audience. 21st century Christianity has a rich heritage that would be unwise to ignore.

    John Turner I know quite a few excellent pastors. Churches need to show their appreciation and growth every chance they can get.