27 July 2010

Jesus Cares For The Suffering

Mark 6:53-56

When I see someone in need, when I know a friend who is hurting, when I know a neighbour who just can't see a way out of the path she is on, do I try to bring them to Jesus or have I predetermined that they will refuse?  That's not loving, is it?  It's like withholding the only known cure for cancer from a cancer patient.

Jesus is at the height of his popularity.  He has crowds of thousands following him.  Wherever he goes, people are brought to him in the public square so they can be healed.  They even heard about how the edge of his cloak brings healing.  So, they ask and Jesus lovingly, compassionately makes himself freely available to all who believe he will heal them.

Why does God allow suffering?  It's a common question.  But this question presupposes that suffering is God's fault.  A better question is why does God care about suffering?

Seeing a world in desperate need, our Father sends His only Son.  Jesus has a short time to explain to people who He is and who His Father is.  He wants us to know, in a real, heart sense, His Father and Himself.  So what does Jesus spend a lot of this short ministry doing?  Healing people.

Clearly, Jesus, God's Son, cares about suffering.  The Word became flesh and lived among us.  And, what did He see in the world He had made.  Thousands and thousands of sick and suffering people.  It had to break His heart.  No wonder he woke up so early in the morning for time alone with the Father.  No wonder he became angry at those who cared more about when healing was taking place rather than whether healing was taking place.

Father, I am so grateful that through your Son, I see that you do care for the sick and suffering.  Your grace is amazing.  Help me to care for people the way you care for people.

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