09 July 2010

Jesus Encourages The Help

Matthew 10:26-11:1

After warning his apprentices about the harsh realities of following in his footsteps, he explains the glorious reality.  Our Father in Heaven did not do all this work in rescuing us from destruction to fail us.  Yes, Jesus is sending his disciples out "as sheep among wolves" just as he has been.  But that doesn't mean our fate belongs to the wolves.  He is still our shepherd.

Some people, including some Christians, believe that following Jesus is the hard roadTo acknowledge our Father in the presence of those who have disowned Him as their Father looks very hard indeed.  

But, how hard must it be to live in a kingdom where we will kill our own children in order to maintain it?  How hard must it be never to be trustworthy or trusting?  How hard must it be to betray anyone at any time and know that anyone can betray them at any time?  How hard must it be to live a lie?  How hard must it be to live with an itch that can never be scratched?  How cruel is it to give your life over to a kingdom that will ultimately lead to weeping and gnashing of teeth?

Our Father sends Jesus to proclaim, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near."  And the King is faithful.  He lovingly serves his servants through his son, Jesus.  Whoever rejects the King's messenger, rejects the King himself.  Whoever rejects the King's Son, rejects the King himself.  Whoever welcomes the King's Son, welcomes the King.  Whoever welcomes the King's messenger, welcomes the King.  Whoever serves the kingdom of heaven even to the point of rejecting the other kingdoms' laws of "survival of the fittest" and give help to the most helpless among us just as the most powerful being in the universe helped us, will please the King himself.

Do we trust our Father in heaven?  Do we know in our heart that our Father in heaven loves us and wants what is best for us?  Do we believe that our Father in heaven sent His only Son as sheep among wolves in order to rescue us from the pain of sin and death?

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