11 March 2011

Jesus Is The Light of the World

John 8:12-20

Stub your toe, stumble over, break your wrist, and become even more scared than you already are.  You tend to hear sounds more and more because your body is desperate to understand where it is and where to go.  But, because you can't see the source of the sound, the mind makes educated guesses.  And, more often than not that guess will be determined by your current state of mind.  When we are scared, the default setting for any noise is something we are scared of.  Maybe this is just our imagination or maybe it is legitimate.

In the Bible, this life that we have been given is compared with walking.  We are walking as we live our lives. 

Jesus, the man who claims to be God, lived among us and determined that we are walking blindly, in the dark.  We decided we could live without God and we were failing miserably.

"I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life."

Whoever claims that Jesus never made any bold claims about himself, never read the Bible; not completely; not properly.  No good prophet ever asked anyone to follow them.  Good prophets told people to follow God.  Good prophets hear the words of God and pass those on to who God wants his message delivered to.

But, here, in the midst of people stumbling in the dark, frightened and stressed.  Jesus clearly instructs people to follow him (As he has done quite a bit through Matthew-John, yes?). 

Where there is light, there is sight.  Where there is light, we gain perspective.  Where there is light, we can see.  Where there is light, there is hope. 


  1. Cool pic! I was doing some blog-surfing and found your blog. So I'm adding myself as your newest follower and I hope you'll check out my blog too!


  2. Thanks Katy. I read your blog and your profile. Good stuff. Why are you interested in deaf people?