19 May 2011

Jesus Wants Our Full Attention

Luke 10:38-42

During my time as a minister of the kingdom, whenever someone has responded to a request for help with, "When I sort out this thing, then I will help", they never come to help.

This rather short account recorded by one Gospel author has always struck a strong cord with me as a Western pastor.  Why?  Because the Western church is filled with Marthas.

16 May 2011

Jesus Wants Us to Be a Neighbour

Rembrandt- "The Good Samaritan"
Luke 10:25-37

Love is not just a feeling.  Infatuation, affection and compassion are feelings.  Love is not just a feeling.  How do I know this?  How does any Christian know anything?  Jesus teaches us.

06 May 2011

Jesus Presides Over A Church Meeting

by Caleb Rosen
Luke 10:17-24

Churches are made up of disciples of Jesus.  Disciples of Jesus follow all of Jesus' commands including the vital command to make disciples.  Churches that are not filled with disciple-making disciples are dying churches.

Today, in the post-Christian West, our towns are littered with dying churches.  They are comprised of people who are not expected or trained to follow Jesus.  Rather, there is so much effort put into having chairs filled during a single meeting, if that occurs, the church is deemed to be a blessed success since their leaders do not expect anything more from them.  Most, if not all, of the West's dying churches are comprised of warm bodies because their leaders don't expect or want anything more than a warm body.

02 May 2011

Jesus Warns Those Who Reject Him

Luke 10:13-16

Jesus came from heaven.  Jesus was sent by God.  Before Abraham was, He is.  Jesus knew that many people would reject the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus knew he was going to die a painful death at the hands of His creation.  So, why don't more people think He was serious about what He taught?