08 June 2011

Jesus Warns Against Loveless Theology

Tissot - Curses Against The Pharisees
Luke 11:37-54

He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty--Mary's Song (Luke 1:53)

He raises the dead.  "Wrong hometown."  He gives sight to the blind.  "Wrong day."  He teaches about the Kingdom of Heaven with authority.  "Wrong disciples."  He drives out demons.  "He didn't wash before the meal."

Throughout this study, the recorders of Jesus' ministry tell us over and over again that for every light there is a shadow.  Jesus would do something miraculous and the religious leaders would have an astoundingly callous reaction.

According to Paul, we are to "work out our salvation with fear and trembling"This world is broken.  Our world is full of fear, death and injustice.  Jesus makes it quite clear in his teachings that we either allow him to empower us to be part of the solution or we are part of the problem.

In these "Woes to the Pharisees", we can humbly determine whether we are part of the solution or part of the problem:

02 June 2011

Jesus Wants Us to Pray

Tissot - The Lord's Prayer
Luke 11:1-13

I struggle with prayer. 

But I know I can't have an intimate relationship with anyone without talking to them.  More importantly, I can't have an intimate relationship with anyone without listening to them.

If Jesus teaches us to do anything, disciples need to do it.  Not only does Jesus teach his disciples how to pray, we have seen that prayer was a vital part of Jesus' ministry.  He arranged his busy schedule in order to find silence and solitude in his prayers to his Father.  If He is Lord, we need to do the same.