19 September 2012

Jesus Defiantly Heals

Luke 14:1-6

Do you think Jesus and the recorders of his ministry are trying to make a point?

Again, Jesus is invited to eat at a religious leader's house.  And he accepts.  Again, Jesus is confronted with a man in need.  And he heals.  Again, he questions the religious leaders on their hard hearts and points out their hypocrisy.  And, again, the religious leaders have no real answer.

On this occasion, they were closely watching Jesus.  Their suspicions about what Jesus would do audaciously reveals just how hard their hearts truly are.

16 September 2012

Jesus Will Not Save Everyone

Luke 13:22-35

We are the problem.

Why does a child die days before an expectant mother and father anticipate his birth?  Why does a grandfather die before having the opportunity to meet his grandchildren?  Why do species become extinct?  Why do we live within a constant state of entropy? 

We are the problem.

Death was never part of the natural order.  Hate was never meant to be.  Murder is an abomination.  It's all our fault.  And until we accept this fact, this life will continue to frustrate us to our core.

11 September 2012

Jesus Is Not Believed By Everyone

John 10:22-42

Jesus gave sight to the blind.  Jesus gave the ability to walk to the crippled.  Jesus made lepers whole.  Jesus fed crowds.  Jesus taught perfectly with authority.  Jesus showed kindness.  Jesus was hated.

Is this possible?  Surely, if someone went around helping others, if someone gave to others perfectly without any possessions of their own, if someone came as a perfect representative of the Living God who brought life, love and hope wherever they travelled, surely everyone would love him.  Such a man would not generate such hate?