16 December 2014

Jesus Wants Our Focus

Lot's Wife - Lassetter Reeves
Luke 17:20-37

We have the wisest, most loving commander in the history of commanders. Good commanders give their subordinates information on a need-to-know basis. Our Father, through His Son, has given only the information that we need to know to those who place their faith, their trust, in Him.

In regards to His return, He gives us blinders and urges us to wear them. Blinders are given to many race horses. Blinders keep the horses focus on where they are going on where exactly they are supposed to strive toward in running the best race possible. Blinders keep the horse from becoming distracted by the other horses, by the cheering crowds, by whatever would keep that horse from the singular focus of running the race.

We Christians seem so easily distracted from walking after the Lord, from running the race. Some of us seem obsessed like Indiana Jones stooping excitedly over a map or through a book trying to match clues in order to find the treasure. We want to find the next prophet who will truly be able to point us toward the spiritual realm. We want to find out the specific identity of the Anti-Christ. We want to know the exact timing of how the apocalypse will occur. We want to be able to predict exactly when the Lord will return.