02 February 2015

Jesus Blesses Children And Those Who Brought Them

Unknown Source
Mark 10:13-16

One clear fruit of following Jesus is the ability to worship with, share with, work with people of different economic status, skin colour, nationality, language, gender, marital status, abilities, personalities, talents, gifts, backgrounds, careers, intelligence and age. For some of us, some of the things that are listed seem silly to even have to discuss, ie. skin colour? really?, while others are quite challenging to navigate, ie language or personalities.

The challenging thing is that we are currently living in a transitional age. We are currently living in a we are almost there but not yet status in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus has come. Jesus has provided the bridge between us and our Father in heaven. But, he has not returned to make all things new yet. And so, it is quite reasonable to say that the church, the bride and body of Christ, is in her adolescent stage. We know what it is to be mature; we know what it looks like to be an adult in the kingdom of heaven (Jesus), but we still lack the wisdom and experience to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.

The church, therefore, at times looks quite awkward in living out what we are led to believe through the Word, following the Son while being led by the Spirit. In this case, to believe that all people are created equal because all people are made in the image of God. We are still transitioning from a world that creates artificial divisions to a kingdom that only makes one distinction: those who know the One, True God and the One He has sent and those who do not know the One, True God and the One He has sent.

And, so, as a church member and budding church leader, there are many battles that should be expected as we learn how to worship, share and work together. One battle that I did not expect, that has made me weary is the battle to worship alongside my children. No, I do not battle with my children, but the church.